Welcome to INTERTAIN Experimental Research

INTERTAIN Experimental Research Lab is an initiative by the Department of Computer Science at the VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Home Lab provides an environment for key research themes which involve user-centered, distributed, interactive and intelligent multi-device applications.

INTERTAIN Home Lab’s primary goals are:

  • Facilitating user-centered experimental research in a realistic environment where we can connect mobile, Web and physical worlds in a multi-disciplinary setting.
  • Serving as a showcase for state-of-the-art technologies & demos. It can show the ubiquitous nature of information, presented on mobile phones and other Web-enabled devices.
  • Providing a laboratory to experiment with distributed technologies and human-aware applications, based on sensor input and background knowledge.
  • Fostering collaboration among the Computer Science groups in national and international projects.
  • Serving as an attractive environment for advanced courses and student projects.



About Lora Aroyo

I am is full professor in Computer Science, head of the Web and Media Group, Department of Computer Science, VU University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am also a scientific coordinator of the EU Integrated Project: NoTube: Integration of Web and TV Data with the Help of Semantics, http://notube.tv Go to my web page for more details: http://lora-aroyo.org
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